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Visited on: Friday 24th January 2020

Bob Thompson

Tweed Tap 1A conundrum. When is a brewery tap not a brewery tap? An odd question maybe, but not when it refers to the Tweed Tap in Hyde. Tweed brewery started life in 2014 with a statement that they were going to “re-invent the pint”. They moved to Hyde in 2018; I believe they started in nearby Denton. The Tweed Tap opened in October 2017, the previous year.

While its intention was to showcase the Tweed beers, which had gained a good reputation, there was always space on the bar for other small brewers beers.

It would appear that there hasn’t been any Tweed beers since the summer of 2019 and in early 2020 their facebook page was advertising the brewery’s 5 barrel (bbls) equipment for sale at £10,000, a good buy for an aspiring micro-brewer as it included a number of casks and kegs.

Tweed Tap 2Well, I didn’t know anything about this information when I approached the pub. In fact the opposite view was gained as the brewery’s delivery van was parked outside. I must admit that I liked this micropub very much, as it seemed to have a good feel about it. It is located on a bit of a side street and situated on a corner. There are large windows on both sides, letting in a lot of light.

These windows which are floor to ceiling have internal railings in front of them for safety reasons. I could see the bar counter at the far end. Before it on either side of the room there were three low tables with associated stools. An addition on the left side was a small two seater sofa. There is a shelf around three sides on which there were colourful flowers in vases. The room narrows a little before the bar counter which has a varnished wood top. Inside and outside green is the predominate colour.

Since the demise of the Tweed Brewery they serve beers from the Purity and Prospect Breweries, normally two from each. When I called in there were three offered: Purity (Great Alne, Warwickshire) Mad Goose (4.2%) and Gold (3.8%). There was just one Prospect (Wigan, Greater Manchester) Big John (4.8%), a stout.

Tweed Tap 3I didn’t see it on the menu but I understand they sell a traditional cider, normally Thatcher’s. A number of keg “craft” beers are also sold.

One notable thing about the pub is there are cards and dominoes on every table. They have a specified games night every Wednesday that includes boxed games also. Of course, customer don’t have to wait for Wednesday to play, any time will do!

Despite the loss of Tweed beers, this is a great little pub and should be visited if you are in the area.

Important Information:

Tweed Tap, 3 Hamnett Street, Hyde SK14 2EX. Tel: 07889_750492

Hours: Monday/Wednesday-Sunday: 14.00-22.15; Tuesday: Closed

Hyde Central station is around ten minutes walk away. It is served from Manchester Piccadilly station.
The service is every half hour most of the time, reduced on Sundays.

The simplest way from the station is to go down the exit path to the road. Almost opposite is Robert Street. Go along here to the end. Turn right into Manchester Road. This changes to Market Street.
At this point you will see the Bus Station on the left. Walk through it. You will see the Job Centre on exiting. Turn left in front of this into New Beech Street. Then turn right into Hamnett Street.
The pub is on the right.

The frequent 205 bus runs every ten minutes most of the time, stating at Manchester Piccadilly Gardens.
It passes Manchester Piccadilly station and may be a better bet to get to Hyde.
From Hyde Bus Station follow the directions above.