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Doctors Orders 1 Building

Monday 11th March 2013

Bob Thompson

Located in a rather anonymous parade of shops in Carrington, a suburb just north of the city centre, Doctor's Orders is another constituent of the ever increasing network of micropubs. The name refers to the fact that it was once a pharmacy and above the glass window that looks into the cool room there is displayed a "Prescriptions" sign. In fact this parody on its former use was fully exploited by a gentleman who arrived brandishing a proper prescription in his hands and demanded a pint of "your finest pale ale". It transpired that he actually was on his way to the pharmacy a few doors along and immediately left to get his scripts filled. When he returned his beer was waiting for him.

The pub started trading in December 2012 and was set up by Prakesh Ross, Rob Arthur and Rich Burns. They, like most of the micropub pioneers, were inspired by Martin Hillier of the original, the Butchers Arms in Herne, Kent. The Doctor's Orders is a very welcoming pub and like most of the genre, there is no bar, so whoever is in charge takes the customer's order and goes to the cool room and delivers it to the table. There is seating for about twenty-four drinkers but it is not compulsory to remain seated, as in the corridor from the main room I noticed some shelving, so it is possible to stand.

Doctors Orders 2 Main roomRich Burns was the man in charge this lunchtime and he explained that it was their policy to source the beer locally from Nottinghamshire and the neighbouring counties viz. Leicestershire, Derbyshire Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The selection on this day was Medieval (Nottingham) Chivalry (3.8%); Imperial (Mexborough, Yorks) Bitter (3.9%); Brew Company (Sheffield, Yorks) Hop Monster (4.5%); Wentworth (Wentworth, Yorks) Oyster Stout (4.8%) and Burton Bridge (Burton) Damson Porter (4.5%). There was also cider in the form of Green Valley (Topsham, Devon) Medium Cyder (5.5%).

Doctors Orders 3 Wooden furnitureStrange though it may seem, this pub is more spacious in the rear than at the front. The corridor down to the separate toilets is wide with pictures on the wall and I noticed that the owners had a separate office. The "cellar" is also very large with modern self-tilting stillage. In the main room the furniture is wooden but on the benches along the wall there are many cushions. Wine is served and there are also soft drinks. Snacks are of the normal pub variety; crisps, nuts and scratchings.

This small pub is well worth taking the bus to from the city centre to visit and comes highly recommended.

Important Information:

Doctor's Orders, 351 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG5 2DA. Tel: 0744 311 8674

Open: Daily 12.00-14.00; 17.30-22.30

The pub is well served by Nottingham City Buses. The following two groups of routes will take you there: 56/58/59 and 87/88/89. They all leave the centre at Lower Parliament Street. This is quite a way from the railway station. However, you can catch the tram (NET) from the Station Street stop (outside the station) to the Royal Centre stop, which is right by Lower Parliament Street. In (dis)co-ordinated Nottingham this is not integrated with the rest of the network and has a separate fare structure, unlike in other cities. It is not even shown on the bus map! Your other choice is the Centre Link free bus service that leaves from the Broad Marsh Bus Station which is around five minutes walk from the railway station.