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Last Post 1Friday 13th February 2015

Bob Thompson

I was very late in writing this article, but in retrospect I’m glad I was tardy. So many things have changed with this pub since it opened, I hope that this is the right time to chronicle all of the changes. This means that the details of my visit in February 2015 are now but a snapshot in time, but relevant nevertheless, and can be used as an archive reference in future. I will visit the pub again and write a fresh article.

The pub opened its doors on Friday 19th September 2014 in a shop premises that was at one time a sub post office.

Last Post 2The inspiration behind this micropub came from George Lambert and Walter Scott who had already opened the Little Chester Ale House, also here in Derby. Please see a separate article in BeerVisits on this excellent little pub. They are also the owners of the Wentwell Brewery, also based in Derby.

The Wentwell Brewery started life in December 2010 and produced its first beer in February 2011. It was brewed on a 100 litre plant which produced two and a half 9 gallon firkins. They have now upgraded to a 3 barrel brewery that can produce twelve firkins. During 2015 they received over £5,000 through Crowdfunding to enable them to buy a new hot liquor tank and a heat exchanger.

So we have established that the Wentwell Brewery acquired this, their second pub in late 2014. Then in May 2015 they ceased operating it. Although I have not read of any connection, I believe this to because they obtained a third pub. This is the Derby Inn on Derby Road, Burton-upon-Trent which they had leased from Admiral Taverns. It was once a Marston’s pub and I have visited it in the past. It has two rooms and is a real local. Now it sells three Wentwell beers.

So the situation changed on 8th May 2015 when they gave up control of the Last Post. Maybe the pressure of operating three pubs was too much for such a small operation but the Last Post got new owners at the same time. This is another small company, the Muirhouse Brewery. The pub is now run by partners Richard and Mandy Muir along with Chris and Karen O’Brien. I would like to say that the changeover from one small brewery to another was a completely amicable arrangement.

Last Post 3The name of the brewery derives from the fact it was started in the house of Richard Muir. Because it sounds Scottish that theme is carried forward in the design of the pump clips. Like Wentwell, Richard started with a 100 litre plant in 2009. In 2011 he upgraded to a 2 barrel brewery (about 8 firkins). During 2015 they were hoping to make a quantum leap to a 7.5 barrel plant. They opened a micropub in Ilkeston, where the brewery is based, in 2013 named The Brewery Tap, this closed at the end of August 2015.

So now we re-wind to February 2015. I couldn’t miss the red-fronted former post office as I turned the corner on my way from the bus stop. After entering I was struck by the amount of space, I wasn’t expecting so much seating. The bar counter is a bit different from many micropubs as it is L-shaped and quite long with many stools to accommodate drinkers.

Last Post 4The tables are all on the left where there is a red-painted wall with a large mirror that has a built-in shelf that is occupied by a number of ceramic jugs.

On the right side of the room near the door is a long bench-type upholstered seat with loose tables in front. Behind it on the bare brick wall many brewery mirrors are displayed. The far end of the room has a shelf on which there are some old brewery trays.

It is interesting for me to speculate how much it may have changed, I will report when I revisit. The four hand pumps dispensed Wentwell Brewery (Derby) beers as follows: Nellie’s Best (5.3%); Derbyshire Gold (3.9%); Derby Pale (3.8%) and a “Test Brew” (4.5%). I realise that this and what follows will have changed.

On that day they also had Lyme Bay (Axminster, Devon) Jack Ratt Cider (7.4%). Wines are offered also bottled cider and Wentwell beers. They also sold soft drinks and the food was scotch eggs.

I commend this pub to you, it was good when I visited and I’m sure it still is, and I hope to be there soon.

Important Information:

The Last Post, 1 Uttoxeter Old Road, Derby DE1 1GA. Tel: 01332 296737

Open: Monday 11.00-20.00; Thursday-Sunday 11.00-23.00. Tuesday-Wednesday: Closed
Note: These are the hours that applied in October 2015 and are not those that operated when I visited.

The pub is at the end of Friargate and you will need to alight at the stop outside the Greyhound pub (Derby Brewing Co). Continue walking in the direction of the bus and at the traffic lights turn left. You will immediately see the pub.

Buses start from the Central Bus Station and there are the following routes: 5, 8, 9 and SW1. From the railway station you need to get another bus to the Bus Station.