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Old Post Office 1Friday 28th August 2015

Bob Thompson

Without doubt the name informs the visitor exactly what the former use of the building was. However, it’s a Post Office no more. Yet it is still possible to use one of the Royal Mail’s facilities as the authorities have left the outside post box in situ and it’s still in use. Once inside I could find no clues to its previous life. It is very strange, but this pub had only been open for just over a year and looks as if it has been there forever.

Please look at the photograph and I think you’ll agree that it is a beautiful and classic English street scene that is enhanced by the hanging baskets.

Old Post Office 2By the way, there is a sign inside the pub that advises customers that they cannot take drinks outside. It must be a condition of the license but it means that the seats on the street are only used by smokers.

Inside, there are three separate areas and there’s a lot to see. The most striking feature is the panelled wall on the right; it looks very old. In fact there are two separate sections of it and the part nearest to the front window looks a bit newer.

The main wall is decorated with several animal heads and there is an inset space for books. In front is a cushioned bench seat, probably an old pew along with a circular wooden table that is graced with an old candlestick holder.

In the window there is a model sailing ship whilst on the left of this section there is another pew, this one has loose cushions. In front of it are a couple of small normal circular pub tables with some loose seating. On the red-painted wall is a large gilt-framed mirror. Partially obscuring it is a rubber Bat Man hanging upside down from the ceiling, I kid you not!

Old Post Office 3The pub opened its door to the drinking public on 19th July 2014 so I had just missed its first birthday. This micropub is the brainchild of Tom Douglas who has been in the business for thirty-five years. In fact, on the day I visited his daughter was working behind the bar. Success has come quickly as it become CAMRA Heart of Warwick Pub of the Year Runner Up in 2015.

Back to our little look-around the pub. So, up a few steps and we are in the bar area with it wooden counter on our left. There are a few stools at the bar and two of the customers were using them. Facing it on the right wall is a handy shelf where I settled with my beer.

Old Post Office 4Unusually the pub serves some of its beers directly from the cask and others via a hand-pump.

I was very impressed with the home-made cask cooling equipment. As can be seen in the photograph it is like a large box with a transparent front and the taps from the casks protrude through this.

It works as my beer was the perfect temperature. Its top provides an additional shelf where glasses and the cider boxes were to be found.

Finally, I looked at the rear room and the eclectic decorations continue in here. On the right is more shelving only they are groaning under the weight of many books, some on beery subjects.

In front of there is wooden square table and four chairs. Hanging above them is a tapestry depicting some knights jousting with what appears to be a King and his Queen looking on. On the other side of this very small room is a small round table and a short pew-type bench.

Old Post Office 5So, back to the bar and what was on offer? From the cask I had a choice of Ambridge (Inkberrow, Worcestershire) Citra (4.4%); Phipps (Northampton) Midsomer Meadow (3.9%); Exit 33 (Sheffield, South Yorkshire) Hop Monster (4.3%) or Oakham (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire) JHB (3.8%).

Served via hand pump I could have had: Kendrick’s (Willey, Warwickshire) Back of the Net (4.3%); Phipp’s (Northampton) Ratcliffe’s Stout (4.3%) or Slaughterhouse (Warwick, Warwickshire) Saddleback (3.8%).

The latter is a regular beer here. Please see the article on the Wild Boar pub, the home of the Slaughterhouse brewery.

For aficionados of cider there was: Lilley’s (Frome, Somerset) Merry Monkey (4.5%); Weston’s (Much Marcle, Herefordshire) Old Rosie (7.3%) and Snail’s Bank (Worcester) Orchard Dry (5.2%). There is also a selection of wines including Prosecco.

Beer and cider can be taken away in two pint containers. Food is not served here, apart from the usual packaged snacks, although it is perfectly all right to bring in your own.

As can be seen, this is a very likeable pub indeed and being just a few minutes from the town’s centre shouldn’t be missed should you be in Warwick.

Important Information:

The Old Post Office, 12 West Street, Warwick CV34 6AN. Tel: 07765 896155

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 12.00-21.00; Sunday 12.00-17.00. Monday: Closed

The pub is just five minutes walk from the town centre and also the bus station.
Allow 20 minutes from the railway station.
There are buses that stop near the pub in one direction but they are a bit irregular.