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Moscow (Москва):
Paulaner Bräuhaus Moscow Pavletsky

Thursday 25th July 2013

Bob Thompson

Paulaner 1This world-famous brewery of München (Munich), Germany has been spreading its wings over the last few years. The first move was in its home country when it established a chain of Paulaner pubs and restaurants in various cities outside of its normal pub trading area. These were specifically designed to give a taste of Bavaria in food and beer. The concept soon spread overseas and logistically, it was easier to establish a brewery using genuine raw materials than it was to ship the beer.

Paulaner 2Nowadays you can find Paulaner Bräuhaus Restaurants all over the world, from South-East Asia, through Australia to the USA and Canada back to Europe, including Russia, of course. They have a brewery in St Petersburg and now, with the establishment of this outlet, have a presence in the capital. Again, BeerVisits is reporting a new brewery within months of it opening its doors. The Bräuhaus stated trading on Monday 4th March of 2013 and is already a popular member of the Moscow beer scene.

One thing I did find rather strange is the building the Bräuhaus is located in. Have a look at the photograph taken from the other side of the road. Apart from the ground floor the rest of the building looks a bit of a mess, yet probably just a bit tatty rather than anything more serious. Please note that this road must be crossed via the subway about 50 metres to the left of the location of this photograph.

However, inside it is a completely different story as the quality of the work done is quite exemplary.

Paulaner 3Of course there was the mandatory security guard and then the "meeter and greeter". I told her I was only here for a beer and she directed me to the bar that is located at the front of the building (see above).

There were three house-brewed beers on offer: Hell (light), Dunkel (Dark) and Hefeweissbier (wheat) from their standard range. This is exactly the same draught beer trinity that one expects to find in most German pubs. I had a small glass (0.3l) of both the Hell and the Dunkel and I thought they were very true to the originals.

Paulaner 4However, I have to say that these beers are not from my favourite Munich brewery or even the best from Paulaner, in my very debatable opinion. The Hell does not have enough bitterness and the Dunkel has too much of a caramel sweet malt taste rather than that of the really dark malts.

There wasn't a seasonal beer, yet they have been known to brew one as Märzen was available here in April.

Paulaner 5I decided to take a look at the main room and have to say this is absolutely stunning. The brewery is located to great effect at the far end of the room. It was just after the lunch time period when I visited and wasn't very full. However I have to say that I could imagine it being quite lively on a busy evening and providing a near-authentic beer-hall experience. Of course, the service would have to be up the German standards, Russian service can sometimes be very lacking, and varies enormously.

There was even a cupboard full of ceramic krugs, each with a padlock on it. This is typical in Munich beer-halls and it is when the regulars deposit their mugs. I had noticed mention of a Beer Club, so this was probably it.

Naturally the menu is very Bavarian with all the old favourites to be had. I thought the main restaurant would be a good place to drink but at least in the bar at the front you get almost instant service. I have slightly mixed feelings so I am cautiously recommending. Just because I'm not keen on a particular beer, it doesn't mean that it won't appeal to others.

Paulaner 6The pub is just around ten minutes walk from the Moskva Paveletskaya / Москва Павелечкий Вокал main line station. This is important, as it is where you get the Aeroexpress to Domodedovo Airport / Домодедово. I used this train the following morning and please indulge me briefly as I tell you a little train story.

As my train was leaving the station on the way to the airport, I noticed a long distance train of 20 cars arriving. Russian Railways (RDZ) trains are normally grey with a big red logo and this was light blue and yellow so I looked closely at the plates on the side of it and saw that it had come from Almaty in Kazakhstan.

I later found out about this city and it is in the southern part of that country, close to the border with Kyrgystan, and not very far at all from the frontier with China. What an incredibly long journey! I looked it up, and it was arriving at the end of a 68 hour passage and was on time. That's a three day and eight hours journey. Something like that puts the size of this country into true perspective.

Important Information:

Paulaner Bräuhaus Moskow Paveletsky, Shlyuzovanya Naberezhnaya 2/1, Moskva
Tel: 495 880 4808

Paulaner Bräuhaus Moskow Paveletsky, Шлюзовая Набережная 2/1, Москва. 115114

Open: Sunday to Thursday 11.00-01.00; Friday and Saturday 11.00-02.00

Please see above for details of Pavletskaya main line station.
The Metro/Метро is opposite this station and is known as Pavletskaya/Павелечкий.
It is on two lines: 2 (green) and the circular route 5 (grey). The latter is the line with the most of the famous and iconic ornately-decorated stations on the system.