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Wolframstubn 1Sunday 13th April 2014

Bob Thompson

This is a very unusual Zoigl house here in Windischeschenbach as it is the only one not to get its beer from the town’s Kommunbrauerei (Commune brewery).

Wolframstubn 2It has its own brewery that supplies the pub and also some Zoigl houses in other villages that still hold the right to sell the beer even although their own commune breweries have closed down. However it is still part of the rotation of opening days that occurs in the town; in this case inviting customers in every month or so.

This rather strange situation came about when the owner of the house wanted the Kommunbrauerei to get modern equipment and expand capacity. This was declined so he built his own brewery! The irony behind this is that the Wolframstub’n is the closest Zoigl house to the commune brewery, around 100 metres away.

It was early Sunday evening and I could hear the chatter of people even before I turned the corner. On good days, which occur quite often here in southern Germany, the seats and table are put out in front of the pub and they were packed and it wasn’t much different inside either!

I entered the building passing the brewery on the right. There is a room beyond it and on the left it is mostly seated accommodation. Eventually I found a seat on a table for two. I thought it was rather pointless to try and move on after I had secured this place so I stayed for more than one beer. After a couple, I was joined by an old local gentleman who had worked in England during the late 1950s and had enjoyed his stay in Upholland near Liverpool, very much. So there was a subject for a conversation!

Wolframstubn 3The decor is very rustic with some of the walls being clad in pine slats and of course, the seats and chairs are also wooden. A notable feature is the beer font which actually looks like a baptismal font.

I had visited the pub several times, yet still around seven years or so have passed since the last time. I struck lucky then as the brewer was still going about his business when I arrived and I was able to take some photographs of his brewery and have a chat. The photograph of the equipment dates from that visit.

I have mentioned that this brewery also supplies a few other Zoigl houses and pubs and they are thus: Zoigl Brucksaler in Neustadt an der Waldnaab. This is just south of Windischeschenbach and has four traditional houses that rotate their openings.

The only thing that is missing in Neustadt is a village brewery. I’ve been there and they confirmed the source of their beer as being Wolframstub’n.

Wolframstubn 4Another pub that is a definite recipient of the beer is called Pilsbar mit Zoiglausschank in Floss. I don’t know it, yet if I’m passing...?

The last one that I know of is Zoiglstübe “Am Alten Rathaus” in Marktredwitz, a town I visited twice in two weeks. Both times I was in that town I called in at the brewery tap of Brauerei Nothhaft. Had I known about this other outlet I would have definitely visited it; hopefully there’s always another time.

The house offers the usual traditional local fare and comes recommended but try to visit at a quieter time than I did. I certainly will next time!

Important Information:

Wolframstub’n, Hauptstrasse 12, 92670 Windischeshenbach. Tel: 09681 1241

Open: From 09.30 on advertised weekends only. See

The address in Hauptstrasse (Main Street) is a small supermarket also run by the Forster family. The pub is in a parallel street and is partially under the shop, with the entrance actually in Braugasse. So, if you were walking from the station and you can see the sign of the Oberpfalzer Hof Hotel, turn left into Braugasse.
A few metres down you will see the Kommunbrauerei on the left.
At this point the street bears right and the pub is just around this corner.

Buses to Windischeschenbach are infrequent and usually run only Mondays to Fridays.
The station is served by trains of Vogtlandbahn Railway Company and they operate about every hour Monday to Friday, and two-hourly on Saturday and Sunday.
They run from Regensburg to Marktredwitz via Schwandorf and Weiden.