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Pub Visit - Germany

Visited on: Monday 27th September 2010

Bob Thompson

darmstdter braustbl 1 buildingThis was not a brewery visit but it was a visit to a pub in a brewery. The brewery is situated directly opposite Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), on the other side of Platz der Deutschen Einheit (Square of German Unity). Darmstädter is a large regional brewery that was founded in 1847.

I wasn't aware whether they previously had a brewery tap but I first came across the Braustüb'l in the early 2000s when I had some time to kill whilst changing trains.

darmstdter braustbl 2 insideIt actually dates from 1999. Decorated in traditional style, read lots of varnished wood, it exudes comfort in a very German style, please see the photographs.

There were five draught beers on offer: Darmstädter Pilsener (4.8%), Braustüb'l Helles (5.2%), 1847 Zwickelbier Original (4.8%), Märzen Dunkel (5.6%) and Weissbier Hefe-Hell (4.8%).

I had the Helles, Pilsener and the Zwickelbier. I must say they were all good. The Helles was true to its style, light, malty, with not a lot of bitterness.

darmstdter braustbl 3 insideThe Pilsener was in the true German Pils style with a dry, slightly salty, hop aftertaste. My favourite was the Zwickelbier. This is an unfiltered, therefore cloudy, bitter beer traditionally served in a stone krug.

Other than this lot there were a considerable number of bottled beers, all presented in flip-top bottles (bügelflaschen).

They produce thirteen different varieties, including a bottled and draught shandy (Radler), plus some seasonal specials that are available in both draught and bottles.

darmstdter braustbl 4 bottlesI've never been in this pub long enough to have a meal but the menu looks superb and includes regional specialities and solid German favourites.

They have their own butcher so pork and beef appear in many traditional styles but there are also Wild Boar dishes and freshwater fish such as trout and zander. So, should you be stuck between trains, as I once was, or you make a special visit, as I now do, this pub comes highly recommended.

Important Information:

Goebelstrasse 7, DARMSTADT. Tel: 06151 92880

Open: Daily 11.00 to 01.00

The pub is opposite Darmstadt Hbf (Main Railway station)
and is well served by buses and trams to the city centre.