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Novomestsky 2 Glass porchTuesday 8th May 2012

Bob Thompson

Novomestsky 1 Pub SignAlthough the "New Town Brewery" is little more than a stone's throw from Wenceslas Square (Václavské Náměstí) it can sometimes difficult to find. This is because it is at the end of a small shopping arcade.

This building itself is worthy of note as it is one of the many Art Nouveau structures to be found in Prague. This particular example was constructed in 1902.

The brewery arrived in 1993 and was the first brew pub in the capital. When walking along Vodičkova you should look out for the engraved glass porch, see photo.

Novomestsky 3 BreweryThe pub itself is a veritable labyrinth as you discover as you descend through many different levels and rooms. There are ten different areas! On the occasion of this visit we ended up in the room alongside the brewery itself.

The pub can be extremely busy, especially at meal times, so it would probably be worth visiting in the morning (they open at 10.00), afternoon or the later evening, if you are only after a drink. Nevertheless it is worth it, as the beer is very good. There are just two brewed, an 11% light and a dark.

Important Information:

Novoměstký Pivovar, Vodičkova 20, Praha 1, 11000.

Open: Mon-Fri 10.00-23.30; Sat 11.30-23.30; Sun 12.00-22.00

Trams 3, 9, 14 and 24 run along Vodičkova and Můstek metro station is less than ten minutes away but make sure you go in and out of it by the Václavské Náměstí exits, as this station is huge.