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Saturday 5th January 2013

Neckarmuller 1Bob Thompson

This is a very beautiful brew-pub overlooking the River Neckar in the historic university town of Tübingen. It was a very cold night when I and drinking companion Steve crossed the Eberhardsbrücke (Eberhard's Bridge) and gazed longingly at this pub on the opposite bank. It looked very warm and inviting.

The impression became reality as soon as we entered, and it was very full on this early Saturday evening, so it took a while until we found a table. Luckily as it happened, a group were just leaving.

The pub itself is very large. You come down some steps to the main entrance and once inside find yourself on the middle level of three. This is the floor with the brewery copper and mash tun, although the rest of the equipment must be on the floor below. The pub is bright and cheerful and I must say that the service was fairly good considering how busy the place was.

Neckarmuller 2I must admit to have forgotten that this brew-pub had a wheat beer brewery. So we ordered one of the two home-brewed wheat beers on offer. The choice was Weisse Hell (light wheat) (4.9%) or Weisse Dunkel (dark wheat) (4.9%). We both went for the normal light version which we thought was true to the style. There was, however, an alternative and this is what we had next.

The owning company has a sister brewery in Mössingen, and it produces Fischer's Kellerbier (4.8%) and that was also available here.

Neckarmuller 3True Kellerbier is a cloudy, somewhat bitter, top fermented beer that has at least part of its fermentation in open vessels. I'm not sure what this was, as it was very sweet with a slight wheat malt taste. It certainly wasn't Kellerbier as we know it. I felt disappointed but don't let that put you off the pub. I am not a great wheat beer aficionado and so am biased. I know a large amount of drinkers love it, so it would be rather ridiculous if I didn't recommend this pub because of my own personal tastes!

It must be a great place in good weather with enclosed terraces overlooking the river and an outside biergarten with the same prospect. The food is a mixture of specialities from the area and also international type cooking. Although it does cater mainly for the diner, there is an area for drinkers close to the brewing equipment on the middle floor, and I noticed it was being well used. Pitchers of 1.5l capacity are available at a reduced pro-rata price.

So, to summarise, a good pub to visit, especially in the summer, particularly if you like wheat beers.

Important Information:

Neckarmüller, Gartenstrasse 4, Tübingen. 72074. Tel: 0707 127 848

Open: Daily 10.00-01.00
Food served: Monday to Saturday 11.30-23.00; Sunday 11.30-22.00

The pub is around ten minutes walk from the main railway station which is served by Regional (RB), Regional Express (RE) and Inter-Regional Express (IRE) trains. Outside the station is Europlatz which is mostly covered by a bus station. Cross this and turn right into Europastrasse, then turn left into Karlstrasse. This leads to the Eberhardsbrücke.
If you are on the right side pavement you will see the pub as you cross.