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Granville 1 TramThursday 30th June 2011

Bob Thompson

As it was a nice day I tried to walk to this pub from the downtown area. I did all right until I got to the Granville Bridge. This is a massive structure and I couldn't see anyone walking on it so I found a bus stop on the approach and one came along almost immediately. I got off as soon as it arrived on the other side. This is when I really got confused.

I thought I was on Granville Island because that's how it looks on the Google map, and still does! The simple fact is that I'd passed straight over it whilst on the bridge.

Granville 2 BuildingI eventually worked it all out and crossed to the island passing the terminus of a small tramway (see photo) with a vintage tram which I have discovered runs along the south side of False Creek. If I'd known about it I would have arrived that way!

Literally under the bridge is the brewery and Tasting Room at 1441 Cartwright Street. Part of the premises are built into the bridge supports, see photo.

The brewery is visible from the bar, correctly called the "Taproom" and there was an extensive selection to be had on the taster tray.

Granville 3 BreweryBrockton IPA (6.0%), Island Lager (5.0%), English Bay Pale (5.0%), False Creek Raspberry Ale (4.5%), Cypress Honey Lager (4.7%), Gastown Amber Ale (5.5%), Robson Street Hefeweizen (5.0%) and the "Limited Release", Belgian Wit.

Quite a lot of beer. Although most of the styles are not exactly favourites I could tell they were well made and, of course, my winner was the IPA.

Although the brewery was founded in 1984 these premises are surely newer than that, the building doesn't look that old. Granville Island Beers can be found all over British Columbia.

Important Information:

Granville Island Brewing, 1441 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC. V6H 3R7
Tel: 604 687 2739

Open: Daily 11.00-21.00

From the City centre the following buses go over the Granville Bridge:
4, 7, 10, 14, 16 and 50. The 50 actually goes nearest.
Alight at West 2nd Avenue and it's just a couple of minutes to the Taproom.

The island can also be reached by the Aquabus and the False Creek Ferry.